CnC Cafe' ~ Philippine MicroCredit Alley began its outreach in 2007 in order to help people in the Philippines get through financial hardship.

Our unique MicroLending model empowers people with the needed funds today and the ability to repay tomorrow.

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CnC Cafe' connects youth living in poverty to work via the Internet with our sister company, Cazoomi.

Our Philippine based teams provide graphic design, data integration, data migration, and other outsourcing services to clients. 

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Interactive Gaming

CnC Cafe' started as the First internet cafe' in Bamban to provide interactive gaming using Facebook while facilitating English learning using gaming technology.  

Our key partners from San Francisco provided support for all members with innovative gaming technology.  

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Our community plans to bring up the level of education, starting in our local community Bamban, in the belief that education breaks the cycle of poverty, one day and child at a time.

Our focus is on creating local opportunities for providing education to under-served community members in Bamban through partnering with USA based technology sponsors.

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Power of hope in our Community

Food for Life

Food is one of the vital needs for humans to exist in this world. Physically, without this, none of us can survive. One specific type of food most of the population of the earth consumes is rice.

Household Insights

“Cecilla’s story illustrates the effect of resource constraints on one family’s Philippine quality-of-life pursuit.” -CnC Cafe' founder, Cristy Aquino